Vintage Love By Trine

Trine uses her Danish heritage to upcycle jewellery to make unique pieces

What’s the story behind your name?

I have always had a love for the unusual and quirky, and have always found it fascinating to rummage through vintage and antique shops trying to hear the stories each item had to tell. My business all started when I inherited a pearl brooch that had belonged to my great grandmother back in 2018 which I decided to redesign into a necklace as I felt I would get more use out of that. I was then asked to do a few similar things for friends and before I really knew it Vintage Love by Trine was born.

Who runs your business? Do you have time to do any other jobs or is this full time?

I run the business on my own. I source my own materials, design and make all the products and do the marketing, website, selling, accounts etc. I did have a full time job as an office manager alongside for a while but I made the scary decision to leave that security behind in the middle on 2020 to put all my focus into Vintage Love. Although Covid has made that a difficult decision I haven’t regretted it as it has given me so much more life quality.

What do you make?

I design and handmake jewellery, leather accessories such as bags, purses and notebooks and seasonal gifts using only recycled, surplus and vintage materials such as broken jewellery, house clearances and vintage donations and all my leather is surplus off-cuts from sofa factories. Any existing jewellery that I use is broken down to individual tiny components, cleaned up and then I let the imagination free with completely new unique designs, often taking inspiration from my Danish heritage.

I am happy to make bespoke orders either completely from my own materials but equally happy to design around any of my customer’s own pieces.

Where do you get your inspiration?

That’s a difficult one…. but mainly it generated itself from the materials I am presented with and also from my Danish heritage.

I now source large crates of broken and tangled jewellery that are destined for landfills, break it down to individual components and clean it up. I can also frequently be found scouring charity shops for vintage pieces, fabrics, haberdashery and any other things I can possibly turn into jewellery or handbags!

I will then let the mood of the day direct me to materials and they will in turn ‘talk’ to me.

I am also very fortunate to receive a number of donations from customers who entrust me with some of their own heirlooms and I can’t think of anything more exciting than a unique piece of jewellery that has an entire lifetime of history to tell.

Where can people find you?

You’ll find me at all the regular Worker Bee markets in Bramhall (my home turf), Reddish and Marple Bridge. I currently sell through my own website and draw customers from my Facebook and Instagram accounts as well a attendingother regular local markets.

I also have products in three local outlets; Hair by Clare in Cheadle,  What Lyes Beneath Underwear in Bramhall and Julie Widdowson Hypnotherapy in Cheadle.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to start their own creative small business?

Go for it!! Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. But take it steady, one step at a time.

What have you been upto during the COVID pandemic?

I have had to diversify and as an example I realised that people were more likely to dress up their Christmas tree than themselves this year so designed a range of vintage Christmas tree decorations.
I have also taken on extra work as a home help to end of life patients during this difficult time to support the nationwide effort of getting the country back to ‘normal.

What have you missed about Worker Bee Markets?

Everything!! The friendships, the customers, the happy days in the rain…. literally everything… and I am counting the days to be able to be at those markets again ❤❤

Have you found new places and ways to sell your products whilst there have been no markets?​

I have tried to do more online and got products into local outlets but with them being closed as well it has been a difficult time, but I have also spent that time designing new products ready for when the markets come back bigger and stronger.

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